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With the opening of the BFA patch, the WoW level has been upgraded to 120. The new level is the new beginning the same as before. Let’s see the new changes after new patch updates in level 120.
At the beginning of the new quests, level 110 players can pick up one quest. Once received the new BFA artifact neck quest, then we can start the new journey. There are 3 maps on horde and alliance side, we can obtain reputation, experience, gears, and wow gold as a reward through completing the different main or branch quests. The mainline quest of each map is required to complete as much as possible, which is a necessary factor for completing the flying unlock.
When we are at level 120, the journey really begins. The flying unlocks, the items level upgrades, and the new island adventure or warfront is experienced. However, these are based on high item level. The fastest way to upgrade item level is to buy WoW BoE gears. We can get the 350+ boe gears in AH to buy WoW gold. It is very important to upgrade the DPS, especially for level 360 wow boe weapons. Also, we can upgrade the item level by running the normal/heroic/mythic dungeon clear. The higher level of your gears, the higher level of gears acquired through World Quest rewards. After upgrading the gears to a certain level, you can get a higher gears level through the mythic+ dungeon or raid.
If you are not interested in these, you can try to buy a pet battle or buy new mounts. There are many new mounts in 8.0. 7 BoE mounts and one Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur that require 5 million WoW gold. If you like mounts, you definitely can not miss it.

New patch, the new adventure, are you ready?

4 reviews for Battle for Azeroth Fast and Safe Leveling 110-120

  1. jwicky10 (verified owner)

    So I decided to try this service and like everybody that would try something like this I was hesitant at first. Anyway I paid for the power leveling 110-120, I didn’t get any loot from the power leveling but the hard part was done in less then a day. They kept in contact with me and grinded it out, the best part of everything was the price, it is down right unbeatable. I will be leveling other alts with this service.

  2. ared11 (verified owner)

    Very fast, reliable, and great communication throughout the whole process. 10/10 Would recommend, if I look to do another boost will definitely be coming back!

  3. ClutchBoyTroy (verified owner)

    Best leveling service by far. Quick and fast response and they make sure you are taken care of. Best site for this stuff no contest.

  4. snotpuppy (verified owner)

    quick, fast responses, and overall pleasant experience. super cheap too – saves you the 10 hours of manually leveling. note: you don’t get gear through this

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